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Crosswalk Accident Injuries – Understanding Your Rights

The City of Norfolk features numerous bustling locations where pedestrians are prominent. For example, Norfolk is home to two universities – Old Dominion University and Norfolk State. It is also home to Tidewater Community College. In addition, downtown Norfolk features a myriad of popular bars, historical sites, the MacArthur Center shopping mall, and Norfolk Court buildings. This means that hundreds, if not thousands, of pedestrians cross busy streets and roads on a daily basis.

If you or a loved one was injured while crossing a road, Emily can help. She has experience representing crosswalk accident victims. For example, she represented a young man who was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street. She was able to secure a $100,000 settlement for her client.

Crosswalk Laws

Laws related to crosswalks are found in § 46.2-924 of the Virginia Code. This law is simple and clear – the driver of any vehicle on a highway shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian crossing such highway:

  1. At any clearly marked crosswalk, whether at mid-block or at the end of any block;
  2. At any regular pedestrian crossing included in the prolongation of the lateral boundary lines of the adjacent sidewalk at the end of a block;
  3. At any intersection when the driver is approaching on a highway or street where the legal maximum speed does not exceed 35 miles per hour.

This means that if you were hit by a driver while you were lawfully crossing the street, the driver can be found civilly liable and may face a serious traffic infraction as well.

Serious Crosswalk Accident Injuries

Crosswalk accident injuries can be devastating, even life-threatening. This is not surprising since the pedestrian usually bears the brunt of the damage when hit by a vehicle.  Pedestrians routinely suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, brain trauma, or even lose their life.

Speak to an Experienced Norfolk Crosswalk Accident Lawyer Today

Trying to take on an insurance company solo without the support of an attorney is not advised. Insurance companies routinely take advantage of claimants who decide not to retain counsel by making low-ball settlement offers and dragging their feet in resolving your claim. Let an experience Norfolk crosswalk accident lawyer help and take the burden off your shoulders. A crosswalk accident attorney can analyze the details of your case and determine the legal options that are available to you. Your lawyer can also assist in seeking out all forms of available insurance coverage that you could potentially access to help with your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Contact Emily today for a free case review.

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