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Insurance Company Recorded Statements – What To Do

You’re driving on Monticello Avenue in Norfolk headed to MacArthur Center when another driver suddenly t-bones your vehicle. You wind up suffering serious injuries including a torn rotator cuff, a bulging disc in your back, and nerve damage. As an experienced Norfolk car accident lawyer, I can tell you there is a very good chance you will receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company in short order.

Why? Because insurance companies, and their claim adjusters, will do whatever they can to minimize their exposure to liability and paying financial restitution. I’ve heard from clients who received calls from insurance adjusters within 24 hours of an automobile collision. In many instances, the adjuster is not call to simply check in on you. They want to know the extent of your injuries, whether you plan to miss time from work, whether you have any past injuries, etc., etc. Oh, and they’ll ask you if it’s okay for them to record your statement.

No Obligation to Provide a Recorded Statement

Insurance claims adjusters will try to convince you that providing a recorded statement is standard protocol and that they cannot proceed with your claim without a statement. This is simply not true. There is no legal requirement for you to provide a recorded statement to another driver’s insurance company, especially not so soon after an accident.

Recorded Statements May Be Used Against You

It happens quite frequently – the claims adjuster will ask you about your injuries and how you’re feeling. During the call, you may feel fine and state as much. However, your doctor may examine you and discover some serious injuries that you may not have been aware of (e.g., a concussion). Do not be surprised if the insurance company uses your “I’m okay” statement against you if you attempt to pursue a personal injury claim against their driver.

Speak to an Experienced Norfolk Personal Injury lawyer First

If an insurance claims adjuster calls you, respectfully decline to provide a recorded statement. Then, contact Emily to discuss your potential case. If you retain a Norfolk car accident lawyer, they will handle reaching out to the insurance company. If the adjuster is adamant that a recorded statement be provided, your lawyer can be on the call with you to ensure that no improper questions are asked. This is a major value-add of hiring a personal injury attorney.

Give Emily a call today.


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