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Three Reasons to Hire an Experienced Norfolk Personal Injury Attorney

(1) A Norfolk Personal Injury Attorney Can Assess How Much Your Claim May Be Worth

One of the most common questions an injured client asks a lawyer is what their case is worth (i.e. what will the insurance company offer to settle your case or what would a jury award). Most people do not know how much money they can get for their personal injury claim. Having a lawyer analyze the facts of your case can give you unfiltered advice on what your case may actually be worth.

(2) Having a Lawyer on Your Side Improves Your Odds of Getting the Case Resolved in Your Favor

It is an unfortunate, but true – insurance companies treat people differently when they do not have a lawyer. The insurance companies routinely drag their feet and make low-ball offers. Understand, the insurance company is not your friend. They will fight to pay the least amount of money possible. The best weapon that you can garner to fight the insurance company and level the proverbial playing field is a skilled personal injury lawyer. Having a lawyer on your side increases your chances of obtaining a larger insurance settlement.

(3) A Norfolk Injury Lawyer Is Focused on Getting a Favorable Outcome for You

Most personal injury lawyers work on a “contingency fee” basis.  This means your lawyer only gets paid when you get paid. They do not charge by the hour or require a large retainer fee. This is incredibly beneficial to you since you have someone with experience fighting insurance companies, and it costs you nothing up front to have them handle your claim. Since your lawyer only gets paid when you get paid, they are motivated to help you get the largest settlement or jury verdict possible.


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